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12 Best Travel Tips for a Trip Around the World

If you’re thinking about how to travel the world after quitting your job, you might think it’s only a fantasy seen in action movies or romantic comedies. The truth is, it’s a reasonably achievable target for the majority of people. Those who desire to travel can wave goodbye to the desk and welcome a new experience with the proper planning and preparation. Here are the best travel tips you’ll need to know to go on a trip around the world.

1. Make a preliminary plan

12 Best Travel Tips for a Trip Around the World. make a plan

Nobody can tell you what the ideal trip plan is since it is unique to each individual. It’s perfect to have a general outline of what you’d like to do with your time away when you plan to go on a trip around the world. It’s okay if you make changes afterward, but setting the framework ahead of time can help you pivot during your journey.

2. Keep your expectations in check

It’s critical to enter this journey with realistic ideas of what traveling the world will involve. Although you will see some of the most visited places and scenes in the world, it will not all be a walk in the park. It might be lonely when traveling alone, and being constantly on the go can be exhausting. Make sure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of traveling.

3. Make financial preparations

Although traveling on a budget is achievable, it does come with its own set of costs. You don’t have to be a millionaire to travel the world, but have some funds to get started and fall back on.

4. Clean out your home

Leaving your house for an extended period can inspire you to clear up items you’ve wanted to get rid of. Take the time to simplify your life by recycling, donating, or selling things you no longer need. It will not only assist you in financing your trip, but it will also make your home much more organized when you return.

5. Choose a starting point

Your starting location will have an impact on where the rest of your journey takes you. Do you have a desire to travel to South America? Or perhaps it’s somewhere in Europe? Do you want to spend some time in Australia with some kangaroos? Find a suitable starting point wherever you want to go, then work out how to tour the world from there. If you choose a starting point close to other areas you want to go to, it can be a critical hub for your journey.

6. Set out a packing strategy

12 Best Travel Tips for a Trip Around the World. packing strategy

You’ll want to carry everything you need, but the less you bring, the less stress you’ll have on the road. If you limit your luggage to a carry-on backpack or suitcase, you’ll have more freedom. Your destination is entirely dependent on the stuff you bring with you. If you’re going somewhere warm, lightweight, compact clothing might be helpful. However, if you’re traveling somewhere colder or intend to do a lot of hiking, you’ll need to bring more specialized equipment.

7. Consider if you’ll be going one way or round-trip

Many tourists wonder if they should buy a one-way or round-trip ticket before going on a long journey. A round-trip ticket provides more structure for many people, allowing them to see everything they wish to see. For some, that may be too restrictive. Leaving your job and traveling the world could be ideal for engaging in a more ambiguous adventure.

8. Make a plan to stay in touch

While your decision to travel the world may have been influenced by friends, family, and everyday life stress, it is critical to maintain contact with loved ones back home. It’s nice to have some stability and connection when traveling long-term because there’s so much unpredictability. It might be not easy to stay in touch with loved ones back home while traveling, so here are a few methods that can help:

  • Choose an international phone plan that allows you to call or text from anywhere in the world.
  • To stay in touch, encourage your close friends and family to download WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses an internet connection to send messages and make calls, saving you and your loved ones money on SMS and call rates.

9. Prepare for the possibility of not having a plan

You can prepare for your trip with a general plan, but as the quote goes, even the best-laid plans collapse. It’s possible that your housing arrangements will fall through or that you’ll miss a train or bus. Whatever the case may be, be ready to roll with the punches and find a new path.

10. Travel insurance

Before leaving, make sure you have travel insurance. When you travel for an extended period, things happen. While you may not want to consider the worst-case scenario right now, you should. Also, travel insurance is a big umbrella that covers a lot more than simply medical emergencies. It can be used to replace items that have been lost or stolen. It could cover unexpected events such as a canceled or missed flight etc.

We’re happy to partner with SafetyWing in this digital Nomad age. You can buy your travel insurance anywhere, anytime, and SafetyWing will keep your trip safe and financially protected. We were spoiled by the price tag of the SafetyWing insurance during our 2-week trip to New Orleans last June.

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11. Make a checklist for your trip ahead of time

When you’re ready to travel around the world, prepare a list of everything you need to accomplish before departing.

12. Don’t panic

Enjoy yourself while remaining safe and reasonable. Explore the world, as well as who you are and where you fit into it.

While reading it all at once may seem overwhelming, remember to take one step one at a time. You will succeed if you desire to figure out how to leave your job and travel worldwide! It’s not a competition to see who can travel faster or better than the other. It’s solely for your fun and benefit. Traveling the world can be incredibly rewarding and open your eyes to adventures you’ve never had before.

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